Austin Davis Biologics Ltd (ADB) consults to a wide variety of clients, both small and multi-national companies, providing expert, committed and focussed business support. Consultation is focussed on the expertise and wide combined experience of its two co-directors, which includes molecular biology, microbiology immunology, dermatology, wound healing and dressings, and associated new technologies. Both co-directors have a rich experience of commercial and academic science and are both professional PhD scientists, between them offering experience gained in large corporate R&D settings, as well as SME/start-up laboratories and academic science. In their long scientific careers, they have acquired extensive skills required in laboratory research, experimental design, project planning, data processing, results presentations, grant applications and scientific writing. Beyond this they have knowledge and expertise in patents, innovation, creative problem solving and data mining.

The purpose of the consultancy is to make their expertise and knowledge available to large and small businesses to provide support and guidance either generally, such as in project planning or creative mentoring, or in those areas where they have particularly strong expertise, such as antibody technology, diagnostics, wound healing, data mining and molecular biology. Some of their most productive assignments have been in patent support (especially in the USA) and in healthcare innovation, or in technical intelligence, project planning and grant applications.